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Mission Statement

Our mission is to assure that conditions within the health district allow its residents to lead healthy lives through:

  • Promoting a healthy community and protecting residents from health risks;
  • Preventing disease, disability, injury, and premature deaths;
  • Defining health priorities determined through community health assessments;
  • Monitoring the health status of the community;
  • Developing health policy that supports and encourages improved health status.

We assist residents through public health education and information to:

  • Understand both community and personal health risks;
  • Accept individual responsibility for their own health;
  • Adopt personal practices that enhance both individual and community health.

We assure that:

  • Health services are available and accessible to all residents;
  • Medical services are of the highest quality and necessary;
  • Environmental health conditions related to air, water, food, shelter, solid waste, sewage, consumer protection, and safety foster a healthy community.