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Environmental Health

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Our Environmental Health Division’s programs impacts the health and well-being of Sandusky County residents. Our programs are devoted to making sure our health, food, water, air, and soil are safe.

Sandusky County Health District Environmental Health Division Programs and Fees – 2013

Our Programs:

Animal Bites
Nuisance Animal Control
Food Service/Food Establishments
Private Septic Systems
Private Water Systems
Public Swimming Pools
Recreational Campground/Residential Camps
Solid Wastes
Tattooing and body piercing
Moving Ohio Forward


Links of Interest:
Environmental Health Program Rules & Regulations

Environmental Protection Agency

Ohio Environmental Health Association

Pest Control

Solid Waste/Recycling

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West Nile Virus Information

New West Nile and Tick PSA from Ohio Department of Health:


Animal Bites-
The health department is required to investigate all reported dog, cat, ferret, or any other animal that is commonly known to transit rabies. The animal’s owner will be notified of quarantine requirements. After quarantine, a veterinarian must examine the animal to determine good health and update its rabies vaccination.
If the bite involves a wild or stray animal, the animal may be euthanized and inspected by the Ohio Department of Health for rabies.

To report a bite, contact the Health Department


Nuisance Animal Control
(fees are charged)
Updated Feb 2010
The Wildlife Company
Doug Lee 419-333-6653
A & J Wildlife Control
Jay Thomson 419-307-7825
Keith Madaras 419-287-4920
Jeff Lagrou 419-333-8070

Marty Baer 419-424-5000

1. Back to the Wild Mona Rutger 419-684-9539
2. God’s Little Critters Mary Beth 419-935-1782


Food Service/Food Establishments

This division licenses and inspects all businesses involved in retail food sales in Sandusky County, with the exception of Bellevue City. These businesses include restaurants, groceries, schools, carry-outs, food booths at festivals, vending machines, food trailers, drug stores and retail stores. Also, we investigate complaints and possible food-borne disease outbreaks. Our inspections are based on the Uniform Retail Ohio Food Safety Code, which was implemented on March 1, 2001.

Temporary Food Regulations
Application for a license to conduct a vending machine location
Food License Application

For a new operation, you will need:
Food Service Operation

2013 Plan Review Application

To see Ohio’s Food Code for yourself:

Ohio Food Code (3717-1 OAC)

To view the national food recall list and find food safety tips, check out:

Mobile Food Requirements
Mobile Food Requirements Document


One, two, and three family dwellings are inspected upon receipt of complaint to ensure safe and sanitary housing conditions.


Nuisance Complaints
Nuisances may include garbage and refuse complaints, housing problems, air quality issues, insect and rodent infestations, lead abatement and sewage system failures. Orders are inspected upon complaint and issued to attain compliance. Upon receipt of complaint, investigations are made concerning public health issues such as improper garbage storage and disposal, unsafe housing, rodents, and failed sewage systems. Orders are issued to attain compliance.

To file a complaint, you will need:
Nuisance Complaints


Private Septic Systems
This program involves permitting and inspecting for household sewage systems of 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings. Inspections include location, type and installation of new, replacement and altered systems. Additional inspections include new surveys for possible building sites, sewage nuisance complaints, and annual aeration sewage system monitoring. Existing sewage systems are inspected for real estate transactions. Private sewage system contractors are registered to do work in Sandusky County.

To install a private septic system, you need:

Home Sewage Treatment System Application
Procedures to obtain a permit to install a Household Sewage Treatment System

To find a sewage system contractor, soil evaluator or designer registered in Sandusky County:
Sewage Installer, Septage Hauler and Service Providers
Soil Evaluation Designers

Realty Inspections
Realty Request Form

For additional septic system information, check out:

Ohio Department of Health Sewage Treatment Systems


Private Water Systems
Sandusky County Environmental Health division inspects and permits private water systems. Inspections include location, installation, and safety of the drinking water. Water samples are taken upon request to identify possible contaminants in private water systems including; bacteria, minerals, etc. The state of Ohio has a register of private water system contractors.

To disinfect your well, you will need:
Well Driller Chlorination instructions

Homeowner Chlorination Instructions

To submit a Well Completion Form:
Well completion form

To request a water sample of your private water system:

Water Sample Request form

To understand your sample results:
Nitrates and Nitrites, answers to FAQ

Treatment Technologies for Removing Nitrates in drinking water

Coliform Bacteria Fact Sheet

Microbiological Standards

To find a registered well drillers:
Private Water Contractors

To find out how deep, old, or flow of your well, check out:


Public Swimming Pools
Inspections of public swimming pools and spas include safe water parameters, safety equipment, filtering equipment, disinfection equipment, turnover rates, water temperature ,drains and signage.

Information on the Certified Pool Operators Course


Recreational Campground/Residential Camps
Campgrounds and resident camp inspections include spacing, nuisances, swimming beaches and pools, safety and first aid, living quarters, food services, sewage, and water.

Temporary Campground Application


Local schools are inspected twice a year to ensure a safe and healthy environment. Inspections include general safety, proper storage and handling of lac chemicals, pest control, indoor air quality, playground safety, and proper food handling in the kitchen. School inspections include cafeteria, playground equipment, lighting, water systems, sewage, building conditions, health and safety issues.

Solid Wastes
This program annually licenses and inspects solid waste facilities to assure compliance with Ohio Revised Code section 3734 and is annually surveyed and approved by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. Active landfills, closed landfills, transfer stations, construction/demolition sites, infectious waste treatment facilities, large generators of infectious waste, scrap tire generators, compost sites and open dumping must be inspected.


Tattooing and body piercing
Our division licenses tattoo and body piercing establishments. Inspections include equipment, site, sterilization equipment and methods, and required paperwork.

ServSafe is a program dedicated to teaching proper ways of handling food. There are 3 different course available.

Wood County
Erie County

National Restaurant Association (Online Course):
-For ServSafe Managers
-For ServSafe Food Handler: &